Since the passing of Princess Diana approaching it’s 20th anniversay this August, we wanted to take a look back at her legandary lifestyle, and her iconic fashionable style. Before her passing on August 31st 1997 Princess Diana was known for her humanitarian work with various charities such as Aids, landminds & remnants of war, prisioners families, and palliative care patients. Princess Diana was a royal rebel with her various charitable efforts, and the first royal to ever be seen touching people diagnosed with HIV and aids, which helped change people’s opinions and attitudes toward the disease and it’s victims.

Besides Diana’s humanitarian side, she was a woman of style and elegance, commonly photographed wearing the now infamous Lady Dior Bag. So how did the bag become the princess’s bag of choice? The bag was gifted to Lady Diana, by the first lady of France in 1995, by Madame Bernadette Chirac. As some would say, it was love at first site, and from 1995 and onward majority of the Princess’s photo’s she can be seen carrying the Dior handbags in various style’s, size, and colour’s. Originally this bag was named the ChouChou, which means favorite in French. After Diana’s devotion to the bag, and the success it brought to Christian Dior, the French label renamed the Handbag to “Lady Dior” in her honour.

Since the release of the Lady Dior in 1994 the bag has seen several seasonal styles, but it remains timeless and classic. Did you know each lady Dior is made by hand, leathers and fabrics are cut manually, they are then formed around the wooden structured base, which are then sewn together for accuracy, and even the dior charms are moulded by hand. Since this is considered a Dior classic these Dior purse’s hold there value, increasing in price annually. These designer handbags never go on sale, and are a rarity in the luxury handbag consignment marketplace.

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A Tribute to the People’s Princess Lady Diana & Her Lady Dior Collection

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