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Shopping for a new or pre- owned designer handbag is usually an exciting and fun experience.   When it comes down to shopping for a new designer piece to add to your collection how do you make a decision that is right for you?  Do you make your purchases based on the latest must have trendy seasonal items, what it's used for, or the style of bag?   Luxury Mavins, Vancouver's luxury consignment boutique believes before you purchase any bag the key thing to keep in mind is the STYLE.   Make sure that the style of the bag works for your body shape, and what your using it for!  Here is a simple guide to each bag style and what they are ideally used for. 

Bucket - A bucket bag is a designer handbag that can typically be worn as a shoulder or a cross body bag, and is typically very casual, used for everyday life.   The bucket bag is essentially a bucket that is a softer, unsupported structure that is closed by drawstrings, and has a shoulder/crossbody strap for carrying.   A few of our favorite bucket bags currently on the market would have to be the Louis Vuitton Noe in Damier Azur, and the classic black Alexander Wang Diego Bag. 

Clutch - A clutch is similar to an evening bag, and is typically used for night out, or a more formal outing.   Designer clutchs are a womans go to for their classic look, and light weight design.   A few of our favorite clutches would have to be the Chanel O case, YSL Belle De Jour, and the Alexander McQueen Britannia.

Crossbody -  Crossbody bags have evolved over the years from a classic messenger style to more elegant feminine creations.    New and  pre-Own Designer crossbody bags and are worn on the shoulder and go across the chest.   The bags are great for when you need your hands to be free with your purse secured to your body.   Our Favorite crossbody would currently have to be the medium black Chanel boy bag in black caviar, with gold hardware. 

Diaper Bag - If the stork has blessed you with a new bundle of joy, then any mother and father to be will be living out of a diaper bag for the next couple of year's.   Diaper bags are meant for you to tote all of precious little angel's essentials in, from diapers, bottles, and crying gismos.   The classic go to diaper bag for us would have to be the monogram classic Gucci diaper bag. 

Evening - An evening bag is typically a handbag used a formal night out, that has that extra wow factor, to compliment the perfect dress or evening gown.  The perfect evening bag, that will have you red carpet ready, would have to be the Chanel Runway Pearl minaudiere.   

Hobo - Hobo bags are designed for casual wear, with their unstructured frame work, single shoulder strap, and crescent shape.   The Chloe Marie bag has to be one of the most gorgeous hobo bags, for casual everyday wear that can easily be dressed up or down.   Our second place winner  we'd have to give it to the Louis Vuitton Artsy in empreitine leather.  

Luggage - Luggage is typically defined as a suitcase, trunk, or duffle used when traveling from one destination to the next, to transport your items.   Our dream piece of luggage would have to be a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, in literally any shape, or style.   Our go to duffle bag when traveling for short term stays would have to be the Gucci guccissima leather duffle bag.   A great affordable quality piece of designer luggage would have to be the classic Louis Vuitton monogram luggage. 

Mini - Mini handbags come in a variety of shapes, and sizes, from various designer brands.   Basically a mini purse is something that is relatively  smaller in size, and used when you're only looking to carry your essentials.    A few of our favorite mini bags at the moment would be the mini Lady Dior, from Christian Dior.   An affordable entry level designer mini would be from YSL Saint Laurent's nano Sac De Jour. 

Satchel - A satchel is a bag that is typically square in shape with a fold over flap, that is worn crossbody, and rest on the hip area of the body.  Satchels are the best work or school bags, as they are ideal for carrying books, laptops, or tablets.   A few of our favorite designer satchels are the classic Chanel lambskin quilted briefcase, and the Hermes Toile canvas bag. 

Shoulder -  Designer shoulder bags are come in all shapes and sizes, which can again be extremely casual, or more elegant, based on the shape, and design of the bag.  One of the best everyday shoulder bags would be the Louis Vuitton Neverful, for it's chic design, and affordability, a must have shoulder bag every lady should have in her collection would have to be a Chanel caviar jumbo double flap. 

Top Handles - Top Handle bags are handbags that typically have one or two handles that the purse can be carried by.  Every designer label from A-Z has various iconic pieces which feature the top handle(s), from casual styles to more refined elegant styles.   A great everyday top handle bag would be a Balenciaga city bag, a more elegant top handle bag would be the classic Lady Dior bag from Christian Dior, and a more high-end version of the bag would be the Hermes Kelly.   The great thing about all of theses styles that they can all work in a variety of ways with casual to dinner attire if paired right. 

Tote - The word tote means to carry, and that's just what a tote does!   Designer consignment Tote bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Typically these are open bags, which make them great for take things in and out, when you're on the go.  Designer tote bags can be used for just about any daily activity; the gym, beach, shopping you name it. 

Wallet - This is pretty straight forward, weather you’re a man or a woman you NEED a wallet.   It’s a item used daily to carry our identification, credit cards, and money.    Invest in a quality Louis Vuitton wallet or a designer wallet that will last you a life time. 

WOC – is a Wallet On Chain, and the bag is essentially just that.  It’s a wallet it a crossbody strap, that holds just the essentials, cards, money, cellphone, and a lipstick. These are great for a night out when you're looking for a light weight purse option.   Our favourite WOC at the moment would have to be the Gucci Dionysus WOC, and the Christian Dior Diorama WOC.