Brietling is a luxury line of watches, which was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling.   The watches are hand crafted in Switzerland using Swiss parts, Breitling markets there products toward diving or aviation, by can be seen on the likes of almost anyone from, athletes, celebrities, socialites, and even royalty.   In 2009 when Breitling introduced the B01, mechanical chronograph movement, making this the first watch Breitling solely manufactured. Breitling watches are recognizable for their luxurious look of, polished cases, thick bracelets, and large faces, with impeccable readability.   The brand is benchmark in accuracy, being the only luxury watch line to obtain the COSC requirements.  Breitling offers several collections, with one of there most popular collaborations with Bentley, which can be seen in James bond films.   The watches are considered a status symbol, due to there price tag, and luxurious look.  If you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned watch, please be sure to browser of selection of pre-owned Breitling watch inventory.

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