When one hears of Burberry, the iconic trench coat comes to mind. The company had began in 1856 in the town of Basingstoke of Hampshire, where a former drapers assistant named Thomas Burberry, had dreams of opening his very own store. By 1870, the business had been known for its outdoor wear. In 1879, Thomas Burberry began to incorporate gabardine, a water resistant and breathable fabric, which he invented. Burberry, being iconic as it is, had started to be known as the “Burberrys of London”, due to its customers from around the world. Because of this, Burberry had changed its name to “Burberrys”, before reverting back in 1999. Seeing his success, in 1891, Burberry had opened a new location in the popular area of the Haymarket, London.

Today, Burberry has been established as London’s iconic brand, and apart of it’s rich history.Still known to this day for outerwear, Burberry also focuses on ready-to-wear, fragrances and accessories.

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