A French fashion house, established in 1946 by Pierre Balmain. Post-war, Pierre Balmain joined the fashion house of Lucian Lelong, where he worked with Christian Dior, and Hubert Givenchy, while founding his own fashion house. By 1945, Balmain had released his first collection following his fragrance in 1949. Today, this historic French house is a leading and trendsetting brand that is apart of French culture.

The piece’s Balmain designer, Oliver Rousteing, is currently designing  are full of glamour, with the likes of fine materials, detailed beading, fringes, and he never disappoints.  You can find celebrities all over the world being dressed by this power fashion house.  He’s is know to be good friends with the reality T.V. royalty “The Kardashians”.  Dressing them for multiple parties and functions, always accentuating the Kardashian/Jenner curves making them look like super models themselves.   Balmain is fancy couture at it’s finest, and if you’re lucky enough to own one of these fine garments, cherish it.

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