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If you’re a handbag enthusiast then you know all about the Hermes Birkin bag, the exclusivity and non-existent wait list Hermes has for the most desired handbag on the planet. What makes the Birkin so desired, that women will do just about anything to get their hands on one? Our Vancouver luxury consignment boutique breaks down the science and marketing genius behind one of the world’s top selling luxury brands in this blog post.

Hermes is a Luxury Brand that was started in Paris in 1837, which was known for handcrafted leather goods, particularly their horse saddles. Since then the brand has morphed itself into one of the largest and most expensive luxury brands in the world. Hermes has stayed true to there original roots operating off of the same value’s that made them what they are today. Nearly a century and a half later Hermes is still known for their high quality leather goods, and handmade craftsmanship, which has kept them at the top of luxury brand chain in todays ever growing retail market. Hermes is currently headed by CEO Alex Dumas, and worth about $50 Billion dollars, doing about $5.75 billion per year in annual sales. Over the last few decades the brand has particularly excelled in the woman’s ready to wear division, creating the most in demand handbag, the Hermes Birkin Bag. The Birkin bag was created in 1981, and is named after super model Jane Birkin. Currently the Hermes Birkin is made in 4 sizes, the Hermes Birkin 25, Hermes Birkin 30, Hermes Birkin 35, and the Hermes Birkin 40. Currently Hermes has over 30 different types of leathers and exotic materials, 7 Hardware finish’s, and over 158 custom color shades to choose from. To give you a better idea of how desired these handbags are, recently an Hermes Hamalayian Birkin bag was sold by legendary Christie’s Auction House for a whopping $379,261.00 USD. Yes, you read that right, a handbag was sold for a six-figure number!

For many people they cannot justify the thought of spending $1000 or more on a handbag, but these purses are actually more valuable then stocks! You might be asking yourself how can a handbag be more valuable than a stock on the stock exchange? It’s simple, create a quality product – pair it with unparalleled handmade craftsmanship & you won’t be able to keep up with supply and demand! Unlike any other designer label, all Hermes bags are hand crafted meaning there is no mass production. One Birkin bag is crafted by one artisan, taking up to 48 hours to make. When you do the math, with the insanely non-exsitant waitlist, Hermes simply just do not have enough product on the market to accommodate everyone.

So, If you’re not an A-list celeb how can you get the most desired handbag on your arm? The Answer is simple with your favorite Vancouver Luxury consignment store. Luxury Mavin’s is a second-hand Hermes bags specialist carrying new & like new authentic Hermes bags in a variety of sizes and colors. The best part of owning a new or pre-owned Hermes Birkin bag is that they won’t go down in value, they’ll either increase or stay at purchase price value (depending on condition). Stop by our Hermes page and see what pre owned designer handbags we have available for you.

Hermes Birkin Bags An Appreciating Investment!

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