Who needs a male companion in their life , when you can have a Chanel Boy Bag! The Chanel Boy bag is the type of designer handbag we live for, it combines the elements of a classic Chanel handbag, with a modern twist of classic Coco Chanel and her boyish style, and charm. A boy bags design combines elements from the classic Chanel flap bags, but it’s also like no other handbag Chanel has ever released. Typically Chanel classic bags are geared toward a more mature shopper, with a more formal and feminine style. Chanel reinvented the brand with the release of the boy bag, which caught the attention of the younger generation with this modern, and more casual design, which can easily be dressed up or down.

So what’s the simalarities and difference’s between a typical classic Chanel flap bag and a Chanel Boy Bag? The Boy Bag has the iconic fold over flap of a classic, it can be found in the same quilted patterns, leathers, and colour’s as the classic Chanel purse. What’s different about the boy bag has to be the hardware, the size, and the shape of the bags. Lets start out with the hardware, typically the chain on a classic Chanel is thin and the CC turn lock is also thin. On the Chanel Boy bag the chain is noticeably thicker, and the push lock is much bolder. The boy bag has a much boxer and more structured look with the thick edge trim, but the clean lines and angular corners give it the classic look of the Chanel flap bag.

The first Chanel boy bag collection was released in 2012, and became a cult classic for handbag lovers worldwide. Since the original release of the boy bag, it has been made in an array of seasonal variations, materials, and finishes. My personal must have boy bag to date, has to be Kylie Jenner’s favourite the Chanel medium boy bag in purple iridescent leather. Whether your a Chanel girl or not, with so many variations of the bag there is a boy bag that was made for you. Have a look through our Chanel section for your favourite boy bag, and have it shipped from our Vancouver Consignment store today. If you have a Chanel Boy bag you’re looking to sell, contact our staff today for a quote on luxury handbag consignment with Luxury Mavins.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your thoughts, and what your favourite version of the Chanel Boy bag is……..

All I Need In This Life Of Sin is Me & My Boy Bag

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