Hermes Authentication and Blind Stamp Guide

Hermes is one of the most sought after renowned luxury brands on the market today.   The brand has built it's reputation on quality hand crafted goods, which are made of the finest leathers.   Each Hermes bag is crafted with love and unlike most designer brands,  it takes approximently 48 hours to craft just one Birkin Bag.   Here are a few tips and tricks to know when purchasing a pre-owned Hermes bag; every Hermes item is embossed with the Hermes Paris logo in gold, silver, or natural heat stamp.  Pay close attention to the alignment of your stamps and engravings, everything should be centred, and evenly aligned.

One of the key things to look out for with any Hermes products is the blind stamp.   Hermes stamps are in alphabetical order from A-Z, which started in 1945 to 1970, which have no shape around the letter.   From 1971 to 1996, again you will find letters A-Z, and the letter will have a circle shape around the letter.   From 1997 to 2015 you will find letters A-T(letter S was omitted), with a square shape around the letter, except 2015 T has no square around the letter.   In 2016 the brand jumped from T to X, and again you will find no square around the letter.   In 2017 the label restarted the alphabet with the letter A, and no shape is found around the letter.

Additional numbers/letters appearing next to the blind stamp indicate the section at the atelier where the bag maker.

Hermes Blind Stamp and Year Reference Guide


Hermes bags are crafted, which means the hardware is the finishing touch on these masterpieces.   Typically the hardware is plated in precious metals, and will not tarnish.  In the odd case, when a bag is overused you will see some tarnishing; if the hardware on your Hermes bag is Palladium, any tarnishing the under color should appear as black, not gold.   On the gold plated Hermes hardware next to the Paris engraving you will find a small hallmark.