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The biggest collaboration of 2017, that celebs, fashion stylists, and people around the world are dying to get their hands on, is between luxury brand Louis Vuitton, and the hipster street chic brand Supreme. This designer collaboration has been a fashion must have for 2017 trendsetters, which is somewhat ironic, considering Louis Vuitton hit the high profile street line (Supreme) with a cease & desist letter in the early 2000’s, after the label released a series of skateboard decks, beanies, and T-shirts which emblazoned the classic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern.

Some might ask why would the number one luxury brand in the world team up with a street brand accused of trademark infringement? Although it’s an unexpected collaboration, due to the volatile history between the two brands, it makes sense, due to the fact that fashion is all about relevance, and Supreme cannot keep their products on the shelfs, selling out every single item, every time they do a drop. Supreme is branding anything and everything with their iconic box logo, that is can be anything from bricks, apparel, and even scooters. Both brands are on opposite ends of the spectrum, in terms of who they attract for clientele, and what they offer in products, which makes the collaboration so hot because of the unique design capability both brands are able to combine and showcase together. This collaborate combines the street wear genius of Supreme, with the luxury design of Louis Vuitton, which creates an artistic rebellion where both brands deface there iconic logos, they combine their classic iconic elements, which in turn creates magic. By doing these each brand is able to cater to new demographics, expanding to a younger or more mature audience they would not necessarily be able to gauge on their own.

This well harnessed collection was debuted in January 2017, for the Louis Vuitton 2017 mens fall collection. This mega hype-beast collection released 23 pieces in total, which comes in a variation of patterns. The collection consists of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern in red and white, with the red box supreme logo. You can also find part of the collection in a classic army green camo pattern, denim monogram with supreme unboxed logo, and the classic black or red LV Epi Leather with the word Supreme embossed in white. Here’s a few of our favourite pieces from the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration from 2017, currently available at Louis Vuitton Vancouver, & Louis Vuitton store worldwide this fall.

Louis Vuitton Supreme Eye Trunk for iPhone 7

Louis Vuitton Supreme LV Initiales 40 MM Belt

Louis Vuitton Supreme Porte Carte Simple

Louis Vuitton Supreme BOITE SKATEBOARD

Louis Vuitton Supreme Keepall BANDOULIÈRE 45

Louis Vuitton Supreme Malle Courrier 90

Louis Vuitton Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt

Louis Vuitton Supreme Bumbag

Louis Vuitton Supreme Christoper Back Pack

Louis Vuitton Supreme Pouchette Jour GM

Louis Vuitton Supreme Bandana


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2017 Biggest Collab, Louis Vuitton & Supreme

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