The famous jewelry line Cartier was started in 1847, by founder Louis-Francois Cartier, in Paris France.   Over different decades the brand was run by various family members, it was Louis-Francois grandsons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques Cartier that established Cartier as a luxury brand known, world-wide, for the intricate well crafted collections. The brand was, and is so prestigious, King Edward once referred to Cartier as “the jeweler of kings, and king of jewelers”. King Edward was an avid customer, often gifting Cartier to close family and friends, an original Panther bracelet (made of diamond, onyx, and emerald) given to Wallis Simpson, from King Edward the VIII sold for 12.4 million USD, at an auction in 2010.  Beyond the elegant and exquisite jewelry designs created for royalty, the brand is known for several different collections as well, as wristwatches.

In 1907, Cartier expanded there operates beyond Paris, into London, New York, and St. Petersburg, due to its overwhelming success, and demand in high society. As the company expanded, in 1909 they created there first timepiece, the Cartier “Santos” wristwatch, named after Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was the original inspiration behind the Cartier classic, still worn today.   Many of the collections from over a century ago are still present in the modern day collections, which show cases the ability of the original Cartier in visionaries and their abilities.   In 1972 Cartier was taken over by lead investor Joseph Kanoui who created the tagline “Les Must de Cartier”, which means Cartier is a must, and who doesn’t agree?   Cartier is still very relevant, and considered a luxury in present times, creating over 20 different collections; desired by anyone who has a taste of the finer things in life.

The collections include:

  • Amulette de Cartier • Cartier Love Collection • Panthere de Cartier • Paris Nouvelle Vague • Trinity de Cartier • Juste un Clou • Diamonds Legers de Cartier • Diamond Collection • Trinity Ruban Solitaire • Cartier Destinee Solitaire • Ballerine Solitaire • Caresse d’orchidees par Cart • C de Cartier • Entrelaces • Cartier Fauna and Flora • Evasions Joaillieres • Links and Chains • hearts and Symbols • Pearl Jewellery • Colourful Jewellery •Agrafe • Le Baiser du Dragon • Cactus • Laniere •

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